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Welcome to Our Website!!

President Clinton with some of the CGIU members during a previous meeting
Hey! Thank you for taking your time to check out our website. To tell the world about the Clinton Global Initiative for University students and what we are doing towards the objectives of the initiative, we decided to create this website as a complement to the bigger CGIU website, www.cgiu.org. We did this so that to make it easy to document our commitments activities and also to encourage other students in Kenya and Africa to join in the initiative and make the communities better places. You are welcome to check out our commitments, comment on our blog and even sent us your queries or comments. If you are already involved in the initiative and have commitments in Kenya or any other country in Africa and would like other students to know what you are doing, feel free to go to the Contact Us page and upload your commitment details, we will get it on the internet.

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You can help us make our commitment objectives come true today! Simply fill in the form on the left specifying the type of support you want to offer and we will get back to you right away. Your support will go a great way to change the lives of people from disadvantaged  communities.