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Area Covered for the Commitments

The commitment is currently covering Butula District, Busia County of Western Kenya. We have identified ten (10) secondary schools from the area, which want to get involved in some of the activities including conflict management skills, environmental management and conservation, creative innovativeness, health, food security and community service. At the same time, we also intend to work with the young community members to establish an aqua-culture project integrating fish farming and horticulture with an added flavor of ICT. 

Secondary Schools Participating

Butula Boys High School
Butula Girls Secondary School
Lugulu Mixed Secondary School
Busiada Girls Secondary School
Bukhalalire Secondary School
Buhuyi  Mixed Secondary School
Bujumba Boys Secondary School
St. Augustine Boys Boarding
Tingolo Mixed secondary School
Bumutiru Mixed Secondary School

Community Groups Participating

We are yet to start working directly with the community members but currently we are working on proposals for projects suitable for this.

Commitment from other CGIU Members in Kenya

Using ICT to solve Slum Problems

A key problem in Korogocho is that pregnant women are usually trapped amidst the narrow dirt streets without access to trained caregivers. Aggrey is therefore making use of a powerful new software program he calls M-Birth that shall identify emergencies before they happen, and to map out the frequency and location of common health problems so that traditional birth attendants, NGOs, and others at work in the area know how to best direct their efforts in reducing maternal & neonatal mortality.